Friday, December 30, 2016

Crossing America

We have seen some beautiful country over this last couple of weeks. We are still discovering new places and wildlife. Sometimes we get the photo, sometimes we miss the shot.

The memory of these moments will always make us smile with or without photographs. As we traveled across country by train the timing is done so you are awake when you pass through some beautiful parts of America. 

Christmas Day we were going through the Rocky Mountains. There were times when the snow made it hard to see much. Then there were moments that took your breathe away. As we sat down to lunch we were on the side of the train that over looked a gorge. A bald eagle flies along at eye level with us and lands. I got a quick photo more of a reference but I have the memory of that instant. We saw a few more eagles but none that close.

December 26th our last day on the train. NV to CA the Sierras to Donner Lake. Snow, freshly fallen, clear blue skies and snug inside a train car. The only down side is taking photos through a train window. 

Here are a few photos of our sights seen from a moving train. I will put an album on FB with more photos.

Leaving Chicago

The sun has set on our first day December 24th

December 25th heading into the Rockies

The wind blows

December 25th Rocky Mountains

Into the Rocky Mountains

Cattle in the mid-west

December 26th NV to CA

Nevada wild horses

Donner Lake CA

Train coming around the bend 
The eagle has landed

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