Thursday, December 8, 2016

Coffee Or Tea

Yesterday I posted "summers end" a mixed medium piece on coffee stained paper. Today Day 38 - we are going with tea stained paper, "Days End" a companion piece, mixed medium. There are several things that I like about these two pieces. I seem to be attracted to sunflowers at the end of their life cycle. The color, the texture, the last bit of beauty. The coffee and tea stains fit the image, the last little bit of coffee/tea spilled/dripped onto clean white paper.

Which comes first, the idea of the drawing? No, the staining comes first, the image presents itself to me after the stain dries. It is the same when I do a multiple color pastel toned paper. I do not start with the idea of the image. Sometimes the stained or toned papers sit in my flat files for awhile, maybe a year or two, before reveling what it will become.

Today's special both "summers end" and "Days End" are $100 each plus shipping cost. If you are interested in both pieces I will cover the shipping. If you are within hand delivery I will reduce the cost by $20.00. That would be 10% off each piece. You know what to do if you are interested send me a message on FB or email me at

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