Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Back Tracking

We are in CA, this is not the end of our trip but the next step. I would like to take a few blogs to back track on our travels. Going back to Chicago, because the snows were kind to us and the weather all around was gentle we walked around the town just before Christmas. The Bean, also known as Cloud Gate in Millennium Park is a fun attraction. Chicago, is a city known for so many things, art, architecture, food and more.

Rick and I have always believe in being fair, honest, and giving. We believe in kindness and paying it forward, Over the years, life has had challenges. Rick worked 30 years in the hospitality industry and his second career took him to VA Tech to teach in the hospitality dept. His contacts, friends, associates have been kind to us this year. We have stayed at some beautiful  places New York's Marriott Marque earlier this summer. The room at Chicago's Hyatt was no exception, in fact, one could say, over the top. A quick thank you to all those friends that have extended their kindness to us this year.

When we left Chicago to begin the train trip, we had one of the larger rooms available on the train. In comparison to the room at the Hyatt, it was a bit smaller - it was the size of the bathroom at the hotel. When you go to plan your train trip that is going to take you a few days and nights think comfort, small, and what do you really need. You need to think ahead, the sleeper cars are limited in number, make reservations way ahead, months ahead.

We were on the California Zephyr leaving downtown Chicago arriving in Sacramento, CA. Our departure was right on time Saturday afternoon at 2. Arrival was delayed a bit, with rail issues, freight trains, going to fast, then too slow but all in all, we arrived an hour late.

Here are a few last pictures from Chicago and as we got on the train. The next post will go into more details on the train and of course many more pictures.

Reflections in the Bean - can you find us?
A few goodies delivered to us at the hotel

The front room at the Hyatt....need I say more?

Our train entrance doorway, behind Rick, the sink towels, bathroom storage, trash can and behind that the toilet/shower.

Looking from entrance door to the left, our seating and bed. It comes down to a slightly later than twin.

Looking to the right, chair, mirror, door to toilet/shower


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