Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Art On Hold

Kind of, sort of, art will be on hold for awhile. Before we move all of our household stuff, which includes, art on the walls, art supplies, clothing, furniture, etc...We are going on a little adventure. Part of the idea came as a birthday celebration for Rick. Then it rolled into doing this for Christmas and bringing in the New Year. All before we move to AZ. So, here we go....

We fly into Chicago on Wednesday for a couple of days, on Christmas Eve we board a sleeper car train. We will be rolling through the Rocky Mountains on Christmas Day to arrive in CA on the 26th. We will be meeting up with friends Eric and Lori from MD. We will be staying in wine country for a few days together. I am sure there will be lots of pictures of places we explore. Rick and I will bring in the New Year in CA. January 2nd we fly to AZ to start our new year, next stage of our life in the south west.

I am hopeful that I will get some art done during all of this but mostly small quick sketches. January I will not be doing the 30-30 challenge as I am having cataract surgery. So, art will be on hold. I do have works done and ready to frame for art shows coming up in 2017. I do have lots of new ideas for pastels and oil paintings. I am getting things organized for workshops, talks and demonstrations in 2017. So, even if I am not painting, I am still creating and doing the business part of art.

I will try to write blogs, post to social media during this transition until then here are a few pictures from VA & MD over the past couple of weeks!

Happy Holidays and Safe New Year!!

Blacksburg Party Time
Bringing toys to little ones in need

Frederick, MD checking out the new distillery

A little pre-birthday celebration

Middletown, MD morning

Getting together with MD friends and family

A little winter weather as a Maryland remembrance.

Blacksburg morning sky


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