Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's The Difference

Offering today two works to make a point. Coming from a print-makers background I did not and still do not make a lot of reproduction or giclee prints. Most of the prints I am posting are hand pulled. Working in a studio, prints come off the print press by my hand only.

The first print is a giraffe, which I ran across because of a friends grandchild who loves giraffes. It is a reproduction/giclee computer print on canvas. I  believe this is the last one I have printed but because the image is on my computer I can print it again. This makes these types of prints inexpensive to reproduce. The inks state that they are archival and should last many years.

The second print is a zebra, this was created from a collagraphic plate. It is a style of collage, layers of materials create the image. The completed image is coated with white acrylic gesso paint, both sides. When painting a flat surface if both sides are painted it helps to keep it flat. Once dried, ink water based or oil or watercolor paint is applied. The water based ink or paint dries and a damp piece of paper is placed on top of the image. This is run through the print press, applying pressure to transfer the image and texture from the print plate. With oil based inks you can print with dry paper or slightly damp for a softer effect.

The zebra was printed on handmade paper which now puts it in the category of a monoprint. A one of a kind work of art.

Day 10
"Giraffe" 8X10 giclee print $20.00
"Zebra" 8X10 collagraph hand pulled print $30.00
Both prints for $45.00 including shipping.
They are not matted & not framed. If you are interested you can message me through FB or email me at

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