Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seeing Stars

While walking along the beach there were stars to be seen. Not the ones in the sky but starfish/seastars. The first one was right along the shoreline. We were not sure if it was alive. You can not remove living objects from the beach. The starfish appeared somewhat hard but on watching it in the water it began to move one arm, then another and soon it was moving along in the gulf.

As we continued to walk the beach there was another starfish and yet another. We had never seen this many, this close to shore. I wondered if the hurricanes had anything to do with their appearance? I did have my camera and took some unusual, somewhat abstract pictures.

One other unique find was a seashell tree. Apparently people see a shell and place it on a tree branch. I did a little research but did not find any special meaning to the tree or the hanging of the shells. My immediate thought was it was meant to bring good luck. Yes, I hung a shell on the tree. After which many dolphin appeared, jumping out of the water to give a little show to end the morning at the beach.

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