Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Positive and Negative

Going through my older art work has been kind of fun. Taking me back to when, where and with whom I may have been working with at that time. While I was attending MICA, (MD Institute, College of Art) I studied print-making. I took a relief class, linoleum cuts, wood cuts, works that generally are printed from the surface.

MICA helped me push myself with my art, experimenting, trying new ways of doing something. This is were the Positive and Negative comes in to play. As you all know I love trees, I did this pretty good size linoleum cut print of trees reflecting into a creek. I printed it on rice paper, on marbleized paper and on my favorite Rives BFK paper. By printing on the Rives it pulled more of the 3-D quality of the linoleum cut onto the paper. If I treated the linoleum cut image like an etching and pushed the ink into the open areas instead of rolling ink on top I could get a different look. Why not give it a try - so I did. It was a fair amount of work getting the ink down into the cut areas but I was pretty happy with the end results. This print falls into that category of monoprint. There is a sub-straight plate but the ink and technique make it a one of a kind print.

Linoleum cut 15X22 inches "Reflections 1" 
"Reflections 2" Negative Monoprint


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