Friday, November 4, 2016

Oil And Water

Day 4 ART Off The Wall continues with printmaking. Oil and water are the keys to hand pulled lithographic prints. I learned Lithography from Carrie Throington, teaching at Montgomery College in Rockville, MD. I continuing doing Lithography at MD Inst. College of Art, Baltimore, MD and at G.W. University, Washington, D.C.

Lithography is traditional done on a limestone. With changing times, industrial revolution, metal plates came along. Reducing the use of chemicals, still using plates, some alternative processes came about, which I used in my Master's Thesis. Even taking lithography to a paper plate.

A little history, lithographic printing was discovered by a music composer, Alois Senefelder from Bavaria. In search of a way to reproduce music he used a greasy pencil on a limestone. Because of this we have the process in which prints, newspapers, magazines, catalogs were printed. Lithos is Greek for Stone, literally, drawing on stone.

Drawing on a smooth limestone is unique. The labor of love, starts by grinding the stone to a flat, smooth surface. Draw you image with the grease pencils or it can be made into a liquid form called Tusche and painted on the surface. A mild acid etch is rubbed gently over the drawing. It rests to allow the etch to work. The stone is cleaned with chemicals, and is ready for proofing. A first run with printing ink. The stone is kept damp by sponging over it, greasy ink is rolled over the damp stone. Where the drawing was will start to come up from the ink. This is done slowly or you could fill in the delicate drawing with too much ink. A damp piece of paper, Rives BFK, is placed on the inked stone, run through a print press, transferring the image. The stone drawing may need additional etching and proofing. An edition of prints is pulled numbering the prints as they come off the press.

A hand pulled print is truly a labor of love. Why did I do printmaking for so many years? I was looking for a way to reproduce my drawings. I love to draw but when one is one and you sell it, it's gone. Sometimes there was an image I just did not want to let go or I had several people interested in the same image. Lithography was a way for me to make multiples of my drawings. I still to this day love the simplicity of a line drawing or B&W lithograph.

Today's prints is a mix of lithography using both greasy pen, liquid tusche and handmade paper. "Landscape II" 11X17" includes the handmade paper. This piece is not matted or framed. To make an offer on this piece you can message me on FB, or email me at 
This piece also falls under the monoprint category as it is one of a kind. I may have some not embedded in handmade paper. But, they may be in AZ. So if you are interested you may have to wait on the non handmade paper ones till January.

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