Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From The Ground Up

While I was in FL I attended the Chalk Festival. There were many artists that worked in the optical illusion 3-D style. Part of the illusion is shadows but there is a distortion to working this way. You must elongate the forms you wish to appear as if they are standing up off the ground.

The other style of artist worked flat 2-D in great detail. This is more my style. I do like the 3-D illusions but don't think I would enjoy the art of elongation/distortion. I think as I do street murals for maybe a couple more years that I will introduce stronger shadows, creating more depth but will leave the illusion of depth perception to others.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Viewed upside down, elongated perspective

Viewed right side photographed from above 

Working with a reflective curved surface

The beauty of B&W

If you stood on one of the blocks you appeared to be floating above the surface

The strong shadows help with the illusion. The children were elongated but taking photos above you see them in 3-D

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