Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 2 - Off The Wall

Trying to think about things in an orderly way for the "Off The Wall" sale. This week will be a little more Hodge-podge, a little of this, a little of that. After this weekends Open Studio Sale I hope to pull things together, maybe have one week with trees, one week with birds, and maybe Africa influenced. We shall see if I can make this happen.

Today's piece is "Winter Shadows" oil painting on canvas, 8X10", framed to 11X13" gallery pricing would be $400.00 but you can make me an offer. Don't be shy, remember I am moving in December and I really don't want to ship all this work to AZ.

This will be on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and maybe even set up something on LinkedIn. You can contact me through FB messager or directly at I will try to set up a page on my web site but I really need a block of time to do computer work, no promises but I will give it a try. The web site link is Okay, just check this link to my web site and it is opening kind of strange, so will be looking at it sooner than later.

"Winter Shadows" 8X10 oil on canvas

"Winter Shadows" oil on canvas framed to 11X13"

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