Thursday, November 17, 2016

Challenges Of A Small Business

Artists are small business owners, we do it all, which puts us in the category of a Solopreneur. The main differences, as I have read, between a Solopreneur and an Entrepreneur is that Solopreneurs do not plan on expanding their business to the point it is sold to a larger company but they want to keep doing the work themselves.

This does not mean that artists do not have help. Over the years I have hired other artists to work on big projects. I have bartered work for art, have given art lessons and training in exchange for help with fun things like framing. Right now I do not have any helpers. So, all the solopreneur work is mine. Which means matting, framing, shipping, post office runs, inventories, photo documentation, PR, billing, sales taxes, filing (oh yes there is office work) and studio time to paint/draw.

The recent POP-Up ART Sale went very well. Still have a few things to deliver when I head up to MD in December. People still coming by to see what they can find. Additional work out to galleries for up coming holiday sales and still have the ART Off The Wall sale on-line through November.

Yesterday, I tried to find a box that would fit the art I needed to ship. Most of the boxes were just a little too short or a lot to large. I save boxes my frames are shipped in, they are sturdy and close in size for shipping art. I spent the morning, re-creating the right size box. The work is surrounded in bubble-wrap with some extra cardboard to help project glass from being broken. Yes, we artists are pretty good at problem solving. Can't find a box that fits, we make one! We are Solopreneurs, we are a small business, we are artists!

Speaking of glass, forgot to mention how hard it is to take pictures of works that are framed under glass. The reflections, light bouncing off the glass just adds one more little challenge to trying to display a picture of the framed work. This is why they always look a little distorted, because you need to take the picture at an angle. I have been trying to post the framed works that are on sale this month. Sometimes if I can't get a good shot I will use what I have in my folders on the computer. If you are interested in a piece of art and want to see the frame I will send you additional pictures, close up corner of the frame and full image with frame. All you have to do is ask.

Small Business Saturday is coming up soon. Will think about a special one day sale with some new works and some older works. I will not be posting anything on Thanksgiving Day. I will be spending it with family and so will you.

Taking photos of works under glass

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