Thursday, November 3, 2016

Back In The Day

Day 3 of Off The Wall brings back memories of college and printmaking. I have been doing printmaking off and on for more years then I care to think about. I was introduced to collagraphs, a form of collage, layered, covered with gesso (a white acrylic paint), once dried painted with watercolor or rolled with ink (water or oil based) and run through a print press with paper. These result in monoprints most of the time. They have a matrix sub-straight pattern but the color of ink/paint or paper can vary creating one of a kind prints.

Today's print is not a collagraph but a monoprint so to speak. It was printed from leaves in nature, they became the sub-straight, ink was rolled on a plate (plexi, metal, plastic) the leaves were placed on the inked plate and run through the press. The leaves were removed and the impression of the leaves remained with enough ink to run a ghost print. The first print left a negative white space where the leaves blocked the ink. I am not sure what I did or where that print now lives. But, generally I will change the ink or reverse the leaves so they transfer the ink to the surface. Even though these are monoprints, one of a kind pieces, they usually go through the print press a few times.

I know I have gotten way to technical already. I don't have pictures for a step by step on this technique but if you are ever in AZ you can sign up for one of my Intro to Printmaking workshops and learn how to do this for yourself.

Here is a print from the past. "Red Leaves" monoprint, 7X10", matted to 11X14" unframed. Shipping $10.00, you can make me an offer via FB messenger or at

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