Tuesday, November 1, 2016

ART - Off The Wall

November 1st, the start of a new month and lots of new adventures. As this year is coming to a close I have been checking things off of my to do list. Going places, seeing friends, family, organizing and packing. We will be heading to AZ in December, it will take a few trips to make the transition. I am going through things, down-sizing so to speak, I am trying to let go of things I don't use anymore.

This Saturday, November 5th will be Open Studio/ Art & Supplies Sale, along with a household/yard sale, goodies that could be used in still-life set ups. There will be a lot of great deals to be had so come on by for art, supplies, household goodies, kitchen goodies, shed, yard, potting things and a few furniture items. 1002 Village Way N., Blacksburg, VA

As for the "Off The Wall" kind of like the 30-30 I will post a picture each day. Some will be framed, some unframed, some will be older works from my days as a print-maker, and there may be some photographs. These pieces will be for sale, I will post detailed information and what the selling price would be in a show or a gallery. You can than make me an offer. If you are far away and I won't see you before we move I will ship the work to you for $20.00 anything over that I will cover. Keep in mind that if works sell in galleries they keep 40-50% commission. I generally don't break the rules by selling works at a discount but many of these works will not fit into current gallery shows. My style is changing some, my techniques have changed and I need to keep making new works, letting some of the older ones go to someone who wants them.

With that said, I am going to start the Off The Wall event with a new piece. It was the piece I started as a demo at Matrix Gallery. A mixed medium piece, watercolor crayons & pastels, 8X10 inches, paper mounted on canvas board, unframed, titled: Fall at Hahn Garden VA Tech. These pieces are currently going for $350.00-$400.00 framed. Make me an offer...private message me on FB or at lhp5536@aol.com I can do debit/credit cards, check, or cash. Will see if I can get my PayPal to work but for now that is not an option.

Day 1 Off The Wall mixed medium 8X10

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