Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Whale Of A Month

It is the end of November, and what a whale of a month it has been. Winter is just a few weeks away, December 21st 5:44 a.m. eastern standard time. The day the sun is the furthest away and the shortest day light hours. Found this quote on The Old Farmer's Almanac "A day without sunshine is like, you know, night." Steve Martin. Made me smile,,,

Back to the whale of a month, Rick likes to say, I went down a bunny trail, when I go off in a different direction. So, back to November, it is the 30th and it has been a very busy and productive month, There have been art shows, demonstrations, pop-up sales, y-art (yard & art sales), Black Friday sales, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. That pretty much brings us up to date. What a month, since it has been such a big month, I thought today's images would be the whale.

Many of the whales have sold this month and here are a few that are left. If you are interested you can message me on FB or email me at

Thank you to everyone that have made purchases this fall. Some have bought new works from the galleries, some from the pop-up sale, others have come by my home studio and purchased prints plus art supplies. Thank you for all your support and helping me reduce my inventory so I don't have to pack and ship it when we move to AZ.

etching 11X14 ONLY 2 left $30.00 each +S&H

 hand pulled stone lithograph one matted $40 +S&H, one embedded in handmade paper $40 +S&H approx size 11X14

hand pulled stone lithograph 1 un-matted $30.00 +S&H

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Time Of Giving

Today is Giving Tuesday, I will be making some personal donations today. I am a big believer in giving back and paying it forward. I keep my prices reasonable and right now they are low-low-low. Even with the low sale prices, today, any sales that I make a percentage with go towards charities. The sale of trees, leaves or landscape type images will go towards the National Parks Foundation. The wildlife art will go to The Society of Animal Artist, a non-profit organization that supports many charities to save our wildlife.

If you are thinking of making a purchase, today would be a good day. It will make you happy to buy art you love and it will go to help other organizations in need. Check out the ART Off The Wall and the Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday Albums on Facebook. You can contact me through messenger on FB or email me at

"Acadia National Park" $300 9X18 matted and framed

Prices listed in FB album Cyber Monday/Giving Tuesday

"E-Z Going" pastel framed to 11X14 $200 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Off The Wall Cyber Sale

Okay, so this really is not much different than what's been going on all month. It is Cyber Monday, the biggest on line sale day of the year or so they say. Since, I am working so hard to try to reduce inventory and not have to pack art up and move it to AZ. Here goes a few more specials just for you.

Today will be leaves, trees and birds...some are prints some are originals. All of them are on sale. See the face book posts for individual prices or email me at

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Small Business Studio

Keeping with the special sales for November, today, Day 26, is small business Saturday. There are two collage boxes. One has letters, the second, numbers. It is a two for one day, purchase something from the first box with letters and you can pick something from the number box for free. Or if you wish to buy one of the works from Box 2 - all of the hand pulled prints are $20 each, the reproduction of the giraffe is $10.00 plus postage for shipping and the Zebra, monotype on handmade paper is $40.00 plus postage for shipping.

You can send me a message on FB or email me

Purchase from this box

Get something from this box for free - as long as they last.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black is back

Black Friday, so thought I would feature a few works on black paper or black materials (ink, charcoal). Working on black paper presents its' own challenges. Working from black to light, thinking in reverse. This technique is used in scratch board, reductive pastel, charcoal even oil painting and printmaking.

Here are a few Back to Black pieces.

pastel on black paper

Linoleum cut Black Ink

Linoleum cut printed on lace paper mounted on black paper

Black  Ink on paper

Thank You

Thanksgiving, taking a moment to say thanks...thank you to friends and family. May your day be happy, fun and your travels safe.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Where There Is...

This year my travels have been fire and water, maybe a little snow which is frozen water. My point being there have been some major issues, fires, smoke, and floods. Some of these came from nature, some created by humans. You could even think the natural flooding, caused by hurricanes could be affected by human behavior.

I know I am on my soapbox today. With all things in life, you need to be aware of your surroundings, you need to be careful in nature. Remember Smoky the Bear, make sure those fires are out. The sad part is some people start these fires on purpose.

There are lots of changes occurring in nature, the earth, our world. I try not to preach too much to the choir. I do support wildlife and nature organizations. I research information to make sure what I read is correct. I go to government web sites and read what Bills are bring proposed. I write, send postcards and contact my government representatives to let them know my thoughts. I remind them I vote.

What does all this have to do with art - everything. Art in education, art residences, National Parks where I get my inspiration for my art. Everything, everyone is connected. I will keep working to let those people who are there to represent my country that their job is to represent all the people. I will keep creating my art, doing my job.

Please be careful in nature, I have seen too many fires, too much smoke lately. Even yesterday along the Smoky Mountains they are fighting fires. I really mean it when I say take care, of you and your world.
Fire In Smoky Mountains

S.C. after the flood, no dunes to keep off

Fire in AL

Monday, November 21, 2016

Moving Target

Animals, moving targets when it comes to trying to draw or paint them. Even when they are laying beside you they are not still. They turn their head, get up turn around and change their expressions. 

How did artists translate images to paper or canvas before the camera? How many sketches did they do from life or imagination?

I spent time while in FL sketching, photographing and playing with Morgan. Next will be organizing photos for my friends to look at and pick their favorite.

Then comes the final product a portrait of their dog. Not sure if it will be done in pastel or oil yet. Will worry about that next year!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Blown Away

The cold front that blew in this weekend, took most of the leaves off the trees. There are a few trees that hold tight to those brown leaves. It was interesting to watch how far a tree will bend without breaking. The wind is slowing down to a pretty good breeze. It is fall starting to feel like winter.

Thought since trees and leaves were blowing all around this weekend I would focus on leaves and trees for a few days. Day 20, Leaves on handmade paper, they are about 5X8" $15.00 each or both for $25.00 includes shipping.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


It is that time of year in the Mid-Atlantic and other areas - the leaves are gone. The leaves may not all have fallen from the trees. They are pretty much all brown and the trees are going into hibernation for the upcoming winter. With a cold front moving in, winter feels like it is as close as tomorrow.

Today's post - Day 19 for the ART Off The Wall sale, we have for you, "Bound-trees" a hand pulled lithograph, 11X14 paper size, no mat, no frame, printed on Rives BFK cotton rag paper. Priced at $35.00 which includes shipping. If you are interested you can message me on FB or contact me through my email

If you are on Instagram, I have been posting works on there too that are different from the ones found on the blog, FB or Twitter. Just to have a little variety.

"Bound-trees" hand pulled two color lithograph


Friday, November 18, 2016

Good Things Happen...

This Fall has been filled with many good things. More good news this week, I will have two pastel paintings included in a show at the Ironwood Gallery in Tucson, AZ. I have enjoyed going to this gallery within the Sonora Desert Museum, for many years. The work is always of the highest quality and I am pleased and it is a privilege to be included in this show. It will be opening February 18th with reception in the afternoon. The show is up through April 16th, 2017.

I will be giving a Artist Talk and Demonstration on painting animals in pastel for the Tucson Pastel Society March 15th.

Two of my pastels will be published in Richeson 75 Book on Animals, Birds, Wildlife edition coming out in 2017.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner I have much to be Thankful for this year.    

"You have my attention" 

"Wild West"

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Challenges Of A Small Business

Artists are small business owners, we do it all, which puts us in the category of a Solopreneur. The main differences, as I have read, between a Solopreneur and an Entrepreneur is that Solopreneurs do not plan on expanding their business to the point it is sold to a larger company but they want to keep doing the work themselves.

This does not mean that artists do not have help. Over the years I have hired other artists to work on big projects. I have bartered work for art, have given art lessons and training in exchange for help with fun things like framing. Right now I do not have any helpers. So, all the solopreneur work is mine. Which means matting, framing, shipping, post office runs, inventories, photo documentation, PR, billing, sales taxes, filing (oh yes there is office work) and studio time to paint/draw.

The recent POP-Up ART Sale went very well. Still have a few things to deliver when I head up to MD in December. People still coming by to see what they can find. Additional work out to galleries for up coming holiday sales and still have the ART Off The Wall sale on-line through November.

Yesterday, I tried to find a box that would fit the art I needed to ship. Most of the boxes were just a little too short or a lot to large. I save boxes my frames are shipped in, they are sturdy and close in size for shipping art. I spent the morning, re-creating the right size box. The work is surrounded in bubble-wrap with some extra cardboard to help project glass from being broken. Yes, we artists are pretty good at problem solving. Can't find a box that fits, we make one! We are Solopreneurs, we are a small business, we are artists!

Speaking of glass, forgot to mention how hard it is to take pictures of works that are framed under glass. The reflections, light bouncing off the glass just adds one more little challenge to trying to display a picture of the framed work. This is why they always look a little distorted, because you need to take the picture at an angle. I have been trying to post the framed works that are on sale this month. Sometimes if I can't get a good shot I will use what I have in my folders on the computer. If you are interested in a piece of art and want to see the frame I will send you additional pictures, close up corner of the frame and full image with frame. All you have to do is ask.

Small Business Saturday is coming up soon. Will think about a special one day sale with some new works and some older works. I will not be posting anything on Thanksgiving Day. I will be spending it with family and so will you.

Taking photos of works under glass

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Positive and Negative

Going through my older art work has been kind of fun. Taking me back to when, where and with whom I may have been working with at that time. While I was attending MICA, (MD Institute, College of Art) I studied print-making. I took a relief class, linoleum cuts, wood cuts, works that generally are printed from the surface.

MICA helped me push myself with my art, experimenting, trying new ways of doing something. This is were the Positive and Negative comes in to play. As you all know I love trees, I did this pretty good size linoleum cut print of trees reflecting into a creek. I printed it on rice paper, on marbleized paper and on my favorite Rives BFK paper. By printing on the Rives it pulled more of the 3-D quality of the linoleum cut onto the paper. If I treated the linoleum cut image like an etching and pushed the ink into the open areas instead of rolling ink on top I could get a different look. Why not give it a try - so I did. It was a fair amount of work getting the ink down into the cut areas but I was pretty happy with the end results. This print falls into that category of monoprint. There is a sub-straight plate but the ink and technique make it a one of a kind print.

Linoleum cut 15X22 inches "Reflections 1" 
"Reflections 2" Negative Monoprint


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From The Ground Up

While I was in FL I attended the Chalk Festival. There were many artists that worked in the optical illusion 3-D style. Part of the illusion is shadows but there is a distortion to working this way. You must elongate the forms you wish to appear as if they are standing up off the ground.

The other style of artist worked flat 2-D in great detail. This is more my style. I do like the 3-D illusions but don't think I would enjoy the art of elongation/distortion. I think as I do street murals for maybe a couple more years that I will introduce stronger shadows, creating more depth but will leave the illusion of depth perception to others.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Viewed upside down, elongated perspective

Viewed right side photographed from above 

Working with a reflective curved surface

The beauty of B&W

If you stood on one of the blocks you appeared to be floating above the surface

The strong shadows help with the illusion. The children were elongated but taking photos above you see them in 3-D

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Seeing Stars

While walking along the beach there were stars to be seen. Not the ones in the sky but starfish/seastars. The first one was right along the shoreline. We were not sure if it was alive. You can not remove living objects from the beach. The starfish appeared somewhat hard but on watching it in the water it began to move one arm, then another and soon it was moving along in the gulf.

As we continued to walk the beach there was another starfish and yet another. We had never seen this many, this close to shore. I wondered if the hurricanes had anything to do with their appearance? I did have my camera and took some unusual, somewhat abstract pictures.

One other unique find was a seashell tree. Apparently people see a shell and place it on a tree branch. I did a little research but did not find any special meaning to the tree or the hanging of the shells. My immediate thought was it was meant to bring good luck. Yes, I hung a shell on the tree. After which many dolphin appeared, jumping out of the water to give a little show to end the morning at the beach.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hokie Fan In Africa

When Rick and I went to Africa we did a photo safari in Botswana. One of the birds we saw was all dressed up in Hokie (VA Tech) colors. It is Saturday in the fall and it is Hokie football day. Only seemed fitting to have this picture as Day 12 feature: Art Off The Wall. If you are interested in this piece message me on FB or email me at

"Hokie Fan In Africa" oil on canvas 11X14" framed - Make me an offer

Friday, November 11, 2016

All In A Days Work

Trying to keep my mind moving forward, focused on work. I am on a working va-ca, kind of, visiting with friends, talking about future commission. Taking lots of pictures, doing some art projects, visiting the botanical gardens for reference photos. Walking the beach for more reference photos. Got some great shots of starfish along the shore line. Today no pictures but there were dolphins, several of them jumping out of the water. Hard to believe but I forgot to take my camera to the beach. How can that be, well, woke up worried about our country. Then hear the news about Portland, OR riots where my son lives and works. Had me a little distracted today.

I am trying hard to keep working, keep thinking forward and keep creative. I am not sure about a lot of things right now but know that I need to keep aware. I will go on line and check out Bills that are proposed. I will write letters, postcards and or emails. To make sure my government knows where I stand. I will be involved but will not be violet, rude or disrespectful.

I will keep working, creating art, selling art, and teaching workshops. It is my job, it is my life. So, all in a days work, I am in FL escaping the cool temps for a little bit but still working.

Botanical Gardens, Naples, FL

Dolphins pastel approx. 12x14" not framed or matted $100.00 includes shipping

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What's The Difference

Offering today two works to make a point. Coming from a print-makers background I did not and still do not make a lot of reproduction or giclee prints. Most of the prints I am posting are hand pulled. Working in a studio, prints come off the print press by my hand only.

The first print is a giraffe, which I ran across because of a friends grandchild who loves giraffes. It is a reproduction/giclee computer print on canvas. I  believe this is the last one I have printed but because the image is on my computer I can print it again. This makes these types of prints inexpensive to reproduce. The inks state that they are archival and should last many years.

The second print is a zebra, this was created from a collagraphic plate. It is a style of collage, layers of materials create the image. The completed image is coated with white acrylic gesso paint, both sides. When painting a flat surface if both sides are painted it helps to keep it flat. Once dried, ink water based or oil or watercolor paint is applied. The water based ink or paint dries and a damp piece of paper is placed on top of the image. This is run through the print press, applying pressure to transfer the image and texture from the print plate. With oil based inks you can print with dry paper or slightly damp for a softer effect.

The zebra was printed on handmade paper which now puts it in the category of a monoprint. A one of a kind work of art.

Day 10
"Giraffe" 8X10 giclee print $20.00
"Zebra" 8X10 collagraph hand pulled print $30.00
Both prints for $45.00 including shipping.
They are not matted & not framed. If you are interested you can message me through FB or email me at

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


As I was checking my folder of pictures to see which one was the post for today it is the Rhinoceros. It seemed a good fit for today. I must admit I am having a bit of trouble focusing on art postings. I keep doing a comparison of the Rhino to the state of our country.

"A rhinoceros (/raɪˈnɒsərəs/, meaning "nose horn"), often abbreviated to rhino, is one of any five extant species of odd-toed ungulates in the family Rhinocerotidae, as well as any of the numerous extinct species." Quote from Wikipedia

The word extant got my attention. Extant definition from Merriam-Webster: adjective - still existing,  not destroyed or lost,  in existence.

The thick skinned Rhino is an endangered species. They are hunted for their horns which can bring prices on the black market as if it were gold. Rhinoceros diverged, another good word meaning: to split and move out in different directions from a single point: to be or become different. They diverged "from the perissodactyls by the early Eocene" some 33 plus million years ago. They were a much smaller animal without horns. They have evolved over time to become what they are today. A large, powerful animal, being hunted to extinction. The sub-species still roam the wild in fair numbers. The adult Rhino has no predators other than humans. As they diverge, will each species find new ways to become different, to survive?

Day 9 of ART Off The Wall "Rhino-motion" silicon intaglio hand pulled print. printed on 11X14" paper. $30.00 or make me an offer.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Universal Trees

Trees have a universal feeling about them. You can see some kind of tree almost everywhere in the world. Trees adapt to climates, they change leaf structure, develop thorns and create poison for protection.

One of the things I found intriguing was the trees in Africa and Arizona are similar in many ways. Today's featured work is a Quiver Tree. The leaves are like those seen on a succulent plant, very thick. It is a species of aloe and is native to South Africa. This is were I first saw this type of tree. The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, AZ has several.

"Quiver Tree" approx. size 8X10" on coffee stained paper with graphite. It is un-matted and un-framed I am offering this piece for $100.00 or you can make me an offer.

AZ Quiver Tree
"Quiver Tree" graphite on coffee stained paper

South Africa Quiver Tree

Before Africa

Long before traveling to Africa, I would go to the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C. I have also gone to their research center where animals that are extinct in the wild have a chance to come back under a controlled safe environment.

All gorilla species are endangered. Their home is growing smaller and smaller, poaching and war reduce the numbers of gorillas each year. I belong to Artists for Conservation. Some of my art works a percentage of the sale goes to help wild animals. I pick different groups to help depending on the animal. If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints, 35% of the sale will go to help the wild gorillas.

Day 7 "existence" linoleum print on lace paper, mounted on Arches Black cotton rag paper image 11X14. There are 2 un-matted un-framed and 2 matted soft white 15X18". These prints are on sale for $40.00 and $50.00(matted) or you can make me an offer.

detail of "existence" 11X14" full print

"existence" 11X14 lino cut printed on lace paper mounted on Arches Black paper

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Going Back

I don't know when but I hope to go back to Africa. Until I get there I will have to visit it through my photographs and my art.

This week my daily Off The Wall posts will feature works from Africa. Not just the animals but the trees too. 

Let's start with the Queen of the jungle, the mighty lioness. Here is a study of the lioness in watercolor under painting and pastel. "Lioness Study" 11X14, if you are interested in this piece you can message me through FB or email me at

Friday, November 4, 2016

Oldie But Goodie

Day 5 - Whales Tail series - staying with the lithographs and my pension for working in series I offer you one of the Whales Tails. As I come upon the others I will post them. For now another handmade paper piece, 11X16" unmatted, unframed. hand pulled stone lithograph.

If you are interested in this piece message me on FB or email me at

What's That Sound???

You know you are in Wyoming when you wake to the sound of horses. With limited wi-fi service it has been a lot harder to get blogs written a...