Thursday, October 13, 2016

Too Many Options

Trying to pull supplies together for a relaxing weekend. I have too many options for projects right now. I started a screech owl on a cradled wood panel with graphite on a coffee stain. I have two of these panels and will do a red & gray screech owl on them in graphite with a touch of colored pencil and seal them. I have a third wood panel that I think will have both owls and maybe in color but not bringing that with me but it is sitting at the ready with reference pictures.

During the 30-30 I did a little graphite sketch of a bobcat. I have the paper mounted on my drawing board, full load of stick and pencil pastels. I am thinking this will be my Friday project. It most likely won't get finished but I have at least a half day to work.

Couple other thoughts running around my brain, I bought extra papers, sketch pads and photos to work on here and there. I am lucky if the roads are not too rough, I work in the car, when I am not driving of course. You can get a fair amount accomplished in moving vehicles.

Ready, set, here comes the weekend!

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