Thursday, October 27, 2016

Sunny-Breezy Day Sitting By A Lake

Translates to Earth - Wind - Fire - Water, a quick description  of my recent trip to Alabama. On the way to stay with a friend at her cabin in the woods of Alabama. The road was block by the fire department. A fire and lots of smoke was on the road near her cabin. With a little luck and good friends we stayed at a house on the lake. The fire was contacted as a gentle breeze blew on the other side of the mountain. We could not stay at the cabin but did get a chance to check on it and watch the sun rise.

In the evenings, we sat by the lake watching the stars appear. The daytime temperatures were warm but you could smell autumn as the cool evening air rolled in with the tides. This time by the lake was relaxing, calming and creative. The gentle changing colors in the trees, the sun sets and sunrises reminds us of the importance in taking time to breathe, listen to nature and enjoy the moment.

Before sunrise

Waiting on stars

Lake view

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