Monday, October 31, 2016

Spooky Time Of Year

It is October 31st - oh my! Time flies along with those ghosts and witches out tonight. The spookiness of this time of year has nothing to do with Halloween or upcoming elections even if both are kind of scary.

The scariness is planning for all that is coming up over the next month and a half. Right now we will deal with November, one day at a time. This week we are pulling things together for an Open Studio Art Sale, along with Household Yard Sale. The physical sale will be this Saturday, November 5th from 8:30 - 12:00ish at: 1002 Village Way N., Blacksburg, VA.

The Virtual Sale: on-line will be all month long "Art Off The Wall".  I will post a piece of work each day with details, size, medium, and original price. You can make me an offer plus $20.00 for Shipping if needed. More on this tomorrow.

Why are we doing this before the end of the year? Well, we are planning our move to AZ as full time residence. This of course does not mean we won't be back east. Plans are in the works for teaching workshops, coming back to VA Tech for sports events, to see friends and family.

I will continue to work on new pieces for upcoming shows. Did I mention there are several deadlines due this week? Here is one I worked on while I was in Alabama. A screech owl done in graphite, white pencil on coffee stained wood panel. In my head I see another owl on the second panel and somewhere down the line, the two owls together in color. I have the feeling the color piece may be next year.

Happy Halloween

Screech Owl graphite on coffee stained wood panel

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