Friday, October 28, 2016

One Mans Treasure

While I was in Alabama, my friend Cheryl took me to see "Paradise Gardens" created by Howard Finster (1915/16 - 2001). A self taught artist, a musician, and a man with a calling. Before we spoke of recycling or up-cycling Howard Finster was creating from found objects.

This space that is Paradise takes more than one visit. Buildings of art. not just buildings filled with art but the buildings are the art. Cement sculptures, mosaics, paintings, poetry within the pieces make up this place. Each step you take gives you a little more understanding of this man and his work.

Howard Finster was inspired, he was prolific producing thousands of works of art. He felt it was his calling to create and to minister, to share his works. He held services, he created music, he was a Renaissance man in the 20th century, called "the Picasso of folk artist". His works were included in the Venice Biennale, High Museum of Art, Atlanta and his works are included in Georgia's State Art Collection.

Where will your path take you? He took his path in many directions, which included the path, his walkways were mosaic creations made from anything you could possibly think of, mirrors, guns, bullets, railroad stakes, and much, much more...

Here are just a few pictures from his little piece of Paradise.

"My Father Drank Cokes Since The First"

Look closely at this path, those are shell casings.

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