Friday, October 21, 2016

It All Starts Here

My mornings are pretty routine, first thing, coffee. When and yes it is rare that I have left over coffee I make coffee stained paper. I do use the grounds too, so very little actual coffee is needed. Over the last couple of months with posting the different under-painting techniques I use with pastels I said I would blog about these techniques. So, this is how I make coffee stained paper. Which I am thinking may be part of today's demonstration at the Matrix Gallery 3:00 - 6:00.

It All Starts Here

Coffee Grounds still wet

Damped paper - Rives BFK, watercolor paper hot or cold surface, lay flat on surface marble counter, plexiglas, glass, non-absorbent. If needed place drawing newsprint under paper for protection. (Note: Bristol is not water loving and will curl, if both sides are wet first it will work okay)

Pour, or throw coffee grounds on paper

Add extra coffee as needed, less is more

Allow to dry, remove grounds, add them to your garden if you like and rinse lightly.

Allow to dry on flat surface. After it dries you may need to weight it down to flatten.
Coffee staining can be used for pastel, graphite, pen & ink. I have even used it on canvas with oil paints. I tried to coffee stain wood panels recently it stains the wood but does not give a nice spattered pattern.

Pastel on coffee stained paper. 

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