Sunday, September 4, 2016

What's On The Floor

When you need a nice flat surface to work on, there's always the floor. The mixed medium pieces require a flat place to drip and dry. I started a few pieces last year, yes I said last year. This week I worked on them and have 2 of the 3 done.

The mixed medium pieces often start as a non-objective work. Using watercolor crayons to create the backgrounds. I love the unexpected results that occur when they are sprayed with water and denatured alcohol. This is the part that requires the floor. I place the pieces on newsprint and spray them from above, sometimes they bend and cause drips. Other times I pick them up and see what happens naturally. 

Once they dry I let them tell me what comes next. These pieces were conceived not so much my accident but my demonstration. I was teaching a workshop showing how the watercolor crayons can be used as under-painting. As the piece was drying it created, its own kind of landscape. 

The light bulb came on, this could be my own way of creating landscape type pieces. Since, I do not enjoy painting the whole landscape. These smaller works capture a snippet of a view, usually involving a tree.

Today's 30-30 is titled "turn around".

What's on the floor...

Day 4 "turn around" mixed medium

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