Friday, September 16, 2016

Quick Sketch

The weekend is here - and it will be a very busy one. Lots of friends in town for our traditional group football game at VA Tech.

Even with all the activities going on this weekend I will have my sketchbook and pencil by my side. Quick sketches will be done, of what, not sure but it is more about the observation and practice.  

This type of sketching is not meant to be finished or fine art. It helps hand, eye and mind coordination. It also documents moments in time. Brings back memories of places and people. Sometimes inspires a piece that will become a painting. 

Today's 30-30 post for Day 16 is simply titled "Bob" it brings back a memorial of Tucson, AZ where I took the reference photo of a bob cat and got the beginnings of a quick sketch. With a little luck and time, 'Bob" will turn up on the easel soon.

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