Friday, September 30, 2016

Point To Point

Today is Day 30 of the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge. It has been a challenge this time around but I posted something everyday, even if it was just a quick sketch. The point of the challenge is to keep me thinking and pushing myself to be in the studio everyday. I may not physically be in the studio but at least my head is there. Some of my sketches were done in a moving car as we drove up highway 81, some were done from a trip to the Smoky Mountains, others from photos I have taken, even worked on ideas for cider labels and a few were done just because I wanted to.

It is kind of nice that the 30-30 ended on a Friday. I now have the weekend to celebrate. Plus, as a bonus tonight will be a dark moon. If the rain clouds move out I might even see it!

Here is the last post for the 30-30. As I finish up some that were not totally done, like the squirrel, I will update the 30-30 album on FaceBook. The "Pin Oak Leaves" are done in a stipple (dot-point) technique. It is a slow process, I worked from a photo and dried leaves. The sketch was started in graphite, moved to pen & ink. I will do a step by step on this soon. Yes, it did take more than a day.

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