Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Now You See Me

Today's post is another, re-worked pastel, one that just needed a few extra touches. The Tyto Alba - barn owl, one of the most common owls that can be seen across the  U.S.A and into Mexico.

With fall upon us thought it a good selection for today. The barn owl has a soft white face, that is referred to as ghostly. Along with that comes stories of wise old owls. They nest, hide, in barns, old buildings, and of course tree tops.

Even though they are well established across the country, it is rare to see them. They generally hunt at night and have such keen hearing they need little light to see their prey. On a dark evening if you hear what sounds like a scream it may be a barn owl.

Day 20 of the 30-30 challenge. "Tyto Alba - barn owl" pastel on paper

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