Thursday, September 29, 2016

Making Changes

Closing in on the last two days of the 30-30 challenge. I truly do not know what I will do for the last day. I generally have something to finish up, something sketched out or at the very least an idea. Well, I really do have several ideas, just not sure which one will come to the surface. I have a couple oil paintings that are mid-way in process, stacked along with pictures, papers and even a wood board I picked up to draw or paint on that is still waiting to be developed. I think there will be an owl or two on that board, just have not gotten to it yet. The bobcat is still waiting to be more than just a graphite sketch, he may get started but would not be very far along for tomorrow's post. Once I walk into my studio it will all come together.

Yesterday, I was going through works that may go into shows and came across a fall scene. It had been done on sanded paper. Which anyone that knows me or takes my workshops knows I am not a fan of sanded paper. The colors seemed dull, as if they had faded. I picked up some of my softer bright pastels and went to work. I pushed my comfort level in color, making it vibrant. I generally don't do vibrant colors. Once the colors looked good, I needed to bump up the contrast, going back into the dark's and finishing with the light hitting the bark of the trees. I pretty much re-did this little pastel painting. I look at the first layer as the under-painting.

The image "Autumn Lights" is of trees that were in my backyard when I lived in Maryland. I have done a similar painting or two of these trees. The picture I took was developed in film, not digital and it was one of those fall days when the light was clear and intense. It is a good memory. Changes come and changes go, this pastel painting changed from soft and mellow to something that is bright with light.

Day 29 "Autumn Lights" pastel on sanded paper

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