Monday, September 12, 2016


Monday - a new week - a new start - a new feeling of hope. This weekend I was running the roads. Work is dropped off for the Burwell-Morgan Fall Art at the Mill show. It opens October 1st runs through October 16th with an Artist Reception on October 9th from 5-7. Located in Millwood, VA. Here is the web site for additional information:

Stopped in NOMA gallery in downtown Frederick, MD. Had lunch with friends, dinner with friends and even got a breakfast in before hitting the road back to Virginia. In-between, worked on the how-to's of using an airbrush with Marilu. Review design ideas for cider labels and took some photos of pear leaves and pear blossoms. I thought how hopeful this tree was that it was producing flowers again in hopes of making more fruit before the fall/winter weather arrives.

Hope - it is good to have hope. Merriam-Wedster, states that hope is a verb, it's simple definition is:
"to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true" The pear tree was being hopeful, even though it will not make it through the cycle of growth to bear new fruit, it did provide me with a lovely image to remind me to be hopeful and give it a try.

Pear Blossom - Hope

Art at the Mill 2016

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