Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hawk Eye

Day 14 of the 30-30, another bird, another hawk, quick sketch done in graphite. Still debating over doing a single hawk image or one with multiple hawks on one page. Thinking I am leaning towards the multiples using the watercolor crayons as under painting, then ink, some pastel and white charcoal.

On the east coast and pretty much the whole of N. America you will see Red Tailed Hawks. Even though they are known for having a red tail, it varies in color. The underside can be very pale and on some species it can be more brown toned. The most common Red Tailed Hawk has a light under-body with brown, rust color feathers to the upper body. Juveniles generally have more light colored feathers.

Harris Hawks are seen in the lower southern part of N. America and in parts of S. America. They have darker bodies with reddish feathers upper and lower body. Juveniles have a mix of lighter chest feathers. The tail feathers are darker brown with light feathers mixed in creating a bar pattern.

These are just two of many hawks and within these two there are varieties. Most hawks have a rounded wing span. They are seen high up on trees, telephone poles as they hunt or look to catch an air current. Harris Hawks work in cooperation in hunting and caring for their young.

Today's hawk is a Harris Hawk that I saw in AZ.

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