Thursday, September 15, 2016

Half Way Point

Day 15 of the 30-30 Challenge, half way through and things are going to start getting interesting. As the full moon is approaching, along with officially being autumn and football season, life gets a little busier than normal.

Today's post is another mixed medium trees creation. This time it is a long horizontal format. Titled: "Forest For Trees", thinking about the 30-30 I realized that this discipline is for me to be able to keep art the focus but try not to worry about the details. I am trying to keep the bigger picture for the month: create, be in the studio, do art every day even if it is a simple sketch.

The end result will be ideas for future works and finishing works that have been waiting to be done. As this month moves forward, there will be a few days, especially weekends that may just have a quick gesture drawing. Even possible I may miss a day but I will catch up, if I miss a day or two I will just move it into October, I will commit to 30 pieces of art, just not necessarily within 30 days. But, I am okay with that and hope you are too. I will be working, creating, some days I may be framing, hanging a show or be at a football game!

Day 15 - "Forest For Trees" mixed Medium framed/matted 12X22

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