Saturday, September 3, 2016

For The Birds

This weekend I am moving on to birds and trees. Currently on the easel is a great blue heron in a tree overlooking the Duck Pond at VA Tech. I enjoy doing the tree pieces in the long format and yes there will be some of those coming soon, I would like to incorporate birds into these trees. The current tree pieces are smaller works focusing on the whole tree including the root system. Moving forward with the trees they may be more about the detail of the bark, leaves and the limbs with birds upon the branches.

I was checking to see what bird events might be coming up, there are a lot. As the fall approaches the migration patterns of birds are the focus of festival in North America. There is the Birding and Wildlife Festival on the eastern shore. Wings Over Water in N.C. and so much more...I discovered that there was a mural project out of N.Y. some years ago and it appears that it is still in process. It is sponsored by The Audubon Society and I saw some images dated May - June 2016. I love discovering new ways to keep the arts alive, giving them to the public, employing young/young at heart artists and giving old buildings new life.

Will see if I can get to any of the festival as they often have rehabitation birds to take photos of and learn about the species. I do not lack for images of birds to work from and if I feel I need a close up different angle or detail I can always go over to the Duck Pond or maybe Pandapas Pond. Until then I will work from what I have in the studio.

Today's 30-30 post graphite sketch of a hawk.
Hawk Day 3 graphite working sketch

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