Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Fire Water

Day 7 - one week into the 30-30 challenge. Today's post is titled "Fire Water", it is one of the mixed medium pieces. It starts out with the watercolor crayons. I had lots of photographs of trees in the fall as beginning reference. So, on this background I did know that I wanted orange and blue combination. After it was sprayed with water and denatured alcohol, it was left to dry.

It had a long time to dry. I had put it away in the stack of works to be done at a later date...and had thought it made the journey to AZ over the winter but alas it did not. It was not alone, there were 3 other long format watercolor backgrounds that had been started and waiting to be finished. Like I have said in the past that doing these 30-30 challenges is a way of helping me not only stay in the studio but finish up pieces that have been put aside.

I started narrowing down the image by the effects that occurred from the abstracted background. I knew the Duck Pond on the campus of VA Tech had groupings of trees reflecting in the water. I went back through my reference photos and found just the right one to finish the composition. This piece did require another adjustment to the background, it only took a day for it to dry. Then onto the drawing table to add, pastel and ink.

While I was working on this piece, I thought of the title. At one point it looked like it was on fire and the reflecting into the water - out came "Fire Water".

Many people ask, how long did it take you to do that? Well, I guess it took a year. The 30-30 is geared to doing a painting a day. I do not work that fast. In-between the larger, detailed pieces, I work on smaller images and sketches. I will try to post something everyday but for me it will not always be a finished painting.

"Fire Water" mixed medium 5x14" image 8x18" matted 10x20" with frame

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