Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Wind In My Hair

Chicago may be know as the Windy City but the River between Oregon and Washington is a powerful force of nature. Apparently the flow of the current in the Columbia River and the direction of the wind create perfect conditions for wind surfing.

Two states known for rain have only 14% along parts of the rivers edge. Making it a place that grapes like to grow. An area called the fruit loop known for pears, peaches and cherries just over the hill has twice as much rainfall. Flowers and trees grow according to the amount of rain and wind they are happiest with, adapting to the direction of the wind along the river. Just down the road is The Dalles, founded in 1857, the end of Lewis and Clark's overland trail and where the annual flow of the Columbia river is 448.8 gallons per minute. The river is 260,000 square miles. Starting in British Columbia, Canada and ending at Astoria, Oregon.

With the wind in my face and rearranging my hair I was still able to get some great reference photos. Along with a little time for a glass of wine, lunch, music and sketching. Lovely day along the river.

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