Monday, August 15, 2016

Thinking Forward

Having just returned from the west coast with lots of wonderful tree reference pictures. One might think that this would be the inspiration for art work. It will be one day, just not today.

When I am looking at things in nature I do not just think about the image, the photograph, or the memory of the trip. I am thinking about shows for the future, combining images together, this bird with that tree and teaching. I may see something that will make a good reference for students to learn about perspective or foreshortening. 

Hard as I try to put them in files and folders I am always behind on computer work. I keep my running list to remind me  to do updates. Which, yes, I am behind again in updating my web site.

The newest photos are downloaded on the computer and in general folders. Later selection will be made, printed and in a stack in my studio of works to be done. 

There is a method to the madness in creating. Some shows have themes and the work must be done for the show that is next on the horizon. For now the Oregon and Washington state trees will have to wait. What's next on the drawing board are some animals and local Virigina trees for a show in October here in Blacksburg. The trees around Virginia Tech Campus. There may be a few birds in the trees. More to come on fall shows.

Sorbus Americana - Washington Park - Portland, OR

Birch-Bark Cherry

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