Saturday, August 20, 2016

Looking Blue

Friday, Rick and I went over to the Virginia Tech campus to see the Arboria Luminarium. An inflatable sculptural exhibit sponsored by the Moss Performing Arts Center  in Blacksburg, VA. My best description of the experience is an interactive fixable form based on nature filled with color provided by natural light.

That being said, it is kind of like a big blow up toy with music and lights that you walk into and through. It was fun, mesmerizing, meditative, creative and flowed with a gentle ease. They regulate how many people can go in at any given time. People of all ages had their inside voices, they were aware of people taking photographs and often offered to exchange taking them of each other. One of the fun parts of taking photos inside is the affect of the natural light that filters through the colored panels. In the blue room, we turned a bit blue, the red room, well, kind of red. The influence of color and light in art, was something to experience. Back in the day of shooting film, I had experimented with the use of colored filters in both Black & White and Color photography. The pictures inside reminded me of using those filters.

Inside there are little areas you can sit and enjoy the space. They encourage you to sit or lay but not to slide down the sides or run around the form. It takes about 20-30 minutes to cover all the areas. There is a bit of a wait to enter the vacuum sealed sculpture but it is only here for a couple more days and well worth the time for this experience.

If you can, go, take a moment to relax in a space of color and light.

Here are some of the fun photographs I took with my phone.

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