Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back in the studio

Finally have something back on the easel. I had started a demonstration piece that I knew I wanted to finish for an upcoming show. I started it at Common Ground on the Hill late June. Then put it aside to do the exhibit and small demonstration pieces at NOMA for the month of July. After taking that show down, transporting it to the VA studio, I left town for two weeks.

It is now mid-August and I think I have everything unpacked. Pretty well organized my drawing table so I can now see the surface. The only thing left in the clean up is the alternate room that is my framing space/office. Got a new desk which makes the business part easier. Still need to pack up work going to the Mill show in September. Figure out storage for extra frames, mat board and glass. 

The most important part I have my work in progress kind of organized. Couple of pastel paintings come first. Followed by oils that have been waiting to be finished. Studio time is just a few hours away.

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