Wednesday, August 17, 2016

As Far As The Eye Can't See

Fog - Mother Natures way of making you look at the big shapes. When you are painting or drawing it is good to look at shapes through blurred eyes (fog) to work out composition and contrast. 

Blacksburg is often in fog, a low area near the Blue Ridge Mountains. This morning the mountains that are visible from my back door are gone. Well, not gone but hidden by the morning fog. As, I sit with my coffee, painting on my mind, determined to be in the studio today. 

The fog made me think of techniques in drawing/painting. Not being able to see the details can be a good thing. Look at the simple shapes: oval, circle, triangle, rectangle or square. Do quick thumbnail (small) sketches using just those shapes. Use the fog, sketch the lights and darks. Look at the big picture. Refine the details when the fog burns off and the sun breaks through. 


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