Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Almost Raining

The day started out a little wet but stayed overcast all day. What do you do on a slightly wet gray day? Go to the Portland Art Museum of course. 

We had a great day walking around looking at art plus there was a performance event going on outside and somewhat inside the muesum. 

Our favorite was the woodblock prints, some were from books created in the 1600's. The woodblock prints went through to contemporary time. 

Fashion exhibits have been in many museums this year and there was one in Portland. Inspired by Native Americans and inspiring the arts in education. 

There were hands, I love hands, the fashion exhibit and a sculptural piece were filled with hands. There were a few pieces that pushed some limits but part of art is going to the next level, pushing past limits. 

It was a good day, an inspirational day, now I need to see what limits I can push through in my own work.
Adrian Arlio Horse of a 1000 hands III
Woodblock cut
Woodblock cut The Ten Bamboo Studio Collection 1670
Wood Block carving
Paul Horiuchi 1970
Life imatating art...

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