Friday, August 5, 2016

A Rose Is A Rose

Yesterday, Rick and I spent the day at Washington Park, Portland, OR. We walked through the Rose Garden first thing in the morning. I must tell you it is a lovely way to start the day. The roses are visually beautiful, the smell is gentle, there is a peaceful calm almost as if you are in a library. Just across the street is the Japanese Garden. It is under going some construction so not as peaceful as you would expect. There were areas that fulfilled that moment of tranquility.

After lunch, we continued our exploration hiking through, Hoyt Arboretum. Walking along the pathways the trees continued to loom larger and larger. We found trees with unique bark, crab apple trees, lace leaves and the giant redwoods. In the middle of the trail is a deck the perfect location for a cookie break.

I realized it would be a nice place to sketch but at the end of our day it was not something I wanted to just rush through. I settled for taking pictures and knowing that one day I will go back with planes to sketch or maybe do a pastel painting.

There were areas we did not get to, giving us another reason to go back. Who knows maybe even before we leave this year.

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