Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Where's Your Sketchbook?

I try to always have a sketchbook in my purse, backpack or pocket. They are different sizes very, very small 2x3" to 5x7" for travel journals. Most of my travel sketches are on the move or done in short periods of time. 

My preferred drawing tool is a pencil, I like mechanical  pencils for travel as they don't need a sharpener or eraser. But, I generally will have a pen or two along. 

Travel journals are documenting moments and memories. Sometimes on road trips while I am watching the scenery go by I do a compalation of scenes. The rolling hills, trees along the highway and the road. 

While waiting for the train the scene from the station or the collection of people waiting for their train to be called. While on the train I did do a scene as it was flying by of no one place but several similar buildings. 

These quick sketches are not meant as fine art. I generally don't show them but they are practice for me to keep drawing, to look, observe and quickly record a moment. Sometimes these images might lead to photos and a work created in the studio. 

So, where is your journal, sketchbook? It only takes a few moments to put down a few lines.
Central Park N.Y.
Along 81 South VA
Waiting at Penn Station N.Y.
Between New Jersey and PA

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