Thursday, July 28, 2016

What's New

The weekend is coming up fast. This month has been pretty busy and the new month is just a few days away. Trying to think about what new works I will put in #NOMA gallery as the "#America Through #Artists' Eyes" comes to a close on Saturday, July 30th.

August at #NOMAgallery is a group show. An early celebration of being open a year. The gallery started showing work in August of last year but the official grand opening was not until October. See how fast time flies. Along with new work for the group show, I needed to find a couple works that will go in the Salon Show at TAG (The Artists' Gallery) just down the street from NOMA on Market. I have several works that are sitting and waiting to hear if they got into other shows but until I hear they just have to sit there.

New for this weekend: closing reception at NOMA gallery, Saturday, July 30th from 4:00 - 8:00 PM. The gallery is open Friday 4-8 and Saturday opens at noon. This is the last weekend for the show. Some special things for Saturdays closing reception. A Silent Auction, one of the works from the demonstrations this month at the gallery will be up for auction. It is unframed and 50% of the winning price will go towards the National Parks Service. Since, this show has been about Finding Your Park and the inspiration of the Parks in our works, I thought it would be good to give back a little to the Parks. There will still be the Green Dot Special, if you buy one of my new works off the wall, you can pick something with a Green Dot for Free - Buy One Get One! There are prices on these unframed items and you can just buy them. And lastly, a box with some reduce my inventory specials. They are reduced in price but if the price is still too high for you, make me an offer. You never know what great deals are to be had!

Lots of new things happening this weekend, closing one show, and two new shows for August.  I hope you will stop by NOMA Saturday for the closing reception. If you let me know you saw this you can either get 10% off your purchase of one of my works, donate that 10% to NPS or pick one of the Green Dot pieces as my gift. See more new stuff!

#NOMAgallery 437 N. Market St., Frederick, MD

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