Tuesday, July 26, 2016


The majority of people think of a "weekend" as starting Friday and ending Sunday night to start the work week on Monday. Artists, not so much, we often work on the weekend and create our own days to relax somewhere in the middle of the traditional work week. Relax may indicate that the artist is sitting around watching t.v. or maybe reading a book. Well, for me a day to relax would be one in my studio painting. Hoping that day will be tomorrow.

Today, well, today is computer, paperwork, packing art to ship day. I was in Maryland this weekend, staying with friends Eric & Lori at their organic farm. They have a tasting room under construction, for their craft cider and wine! Pretty exciting! I create the art work for the cider labels and 3 new ciders are coming out in the near future. If you are interested in cider check them out on FB or at http://www.willowoakscraftcider.com Willow Oak Craft Cider & Wine

We had them doing a tasting of their ciders at the opening reception at NOMA gallery "America Through Artists' Eyes" show. I was working at NOMA over the "weekend" and will be back up at the gallery on Saturday. The show is coming to a close, Saturday, July 30th from 4-8 will be the closing reception. The gallery is located at the corner of 5th and Market, in historic downtown Frederick, MD. If you have not been to Frederick, come visit this lovely town, filled with art galleries, foodie restaurants, and history. Come for the day or plan a "weekend" get away!

For more information on NOMA here is the web site: http://www.nomagalleryfrederick.com
437 N. Market St., Frederick, MD

Still hanging at NOMA, Acadia!

SOLD - shipping to new owner in Washington, D.C. this week!

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