Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The UN Week

We UN-loaded  my car last night. Today I will start to UN-pack art and supplies. Currently these things are spread across three rooms. Rick looked at it last night and was amazed that it all fit in my car. With his help he brought up the work that was installed at NOMA gallery. Plus, he brought back art that was at the gallery. Thank you to Kathy Bush for keeping new works flowing each month. She is the other half of the two woman show at NOMA, "America Through Artists' Eyes". 

I know there is going to be a day off sometime soon but today is not that day. UN-packed the suitcases and laundry was actually started last night. 

My head is full of ideas for new works and workshops for next year at Common Ground on the Hill. In between loads and boxes I will make notes so as not to forget! Laundry is calling and coffee is almost gone, here we go!

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