Friday, July 15, 2016

No Words

911 There are no words that express the power of emotions felt when you go to the Memorial and Museum. Here are a few photos.
This flag was there and has been repaired with other flags from all 50 states.
A photo of the photograph that haunts us all.
Twisted metal 

The last stairway
The support wall that still holds back the river.
The Memorial: flowing water contained within an empty space. Surrounded by the names of those lost with a reflection on the water below the names of the sky, trees and buildings above. No words can truly tell you how this will make you react for me it brought back where I was when I heard the news. It has me thinking about our country and our strength as a nation. It has me worried about our future. 

There is one tree within the memorial that was not damaged when the buildings came down. It is protected with a small fence around it within the park. The men and women in blue are happy to point it out to you. The symbol of the tree is a powerful one. I will revisit the tree again in another blog post.

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