Saturday, July 2, 2016

Here We Go

Or come or here is where we are??? Coming - going been a bit busy. Took down the show at Rice gallery, hung the student show, reception for the students last night and the show came down. What a day! 

Heading to Middletown shortly to get ready for this evenings activities. First Saturday Art Walk in Frederick & opening reception for "America Through Artists Eyes". Hope to see you all there starts at 5 goes till 9! 

My good friends Eric & Lori Rice will be there with Willow Oaks Craft Cider for your tasting pleasure. Along with music on the streets of Frederick. 

Kathy Bush & I are the featured artists in the front gallery and the group show is displayed in the second room. The show runs through July will demonstrations going on throughout the month.

My students works
My friend Jeanean Songco Martin shares the classroom with me. She taught drawing in the morning.
Good-bye, Common Ground on the Hill till next year!
Hello NOMA gallery in Frederick, MD
437 N Market St

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