Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Walk Through The Met

Last weekend Rick and I took a trip up to New York City. We saw a couple plays, had some lovely meals, meandered through Central Park, went to the 911 Memorial/Museum and walked through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met is a bit overwhelming, even with a map. We started at the top and worked our way down for lunch at the restaurant with a nice view of the park. After which we continued back up again to see a few more things before calling it a day.

When I go through a museum I am looking at the art with different views. I look for things as a teacher, what would be a good example of a specific technique? I look at pastels to share this medium that has been used for so many years and is still so beautiful. I look at prints and drawings, just because they are still one of my favorites. I love the nature of the simple line, the elegance of it, nothing to hide behind, just pure skill in the drawn image. Printmaking has that same feel for me, Something in the linear, attracts me, plus the lack of color or limited palette pulls me closer to look at what may not be seen from a distance.

Rick ask me about inspiration from what I viewed. I do get inspired to paint but not necessarily to try to paint as these masters have done but the energy that it gives me just to keep painting. As I looked at the works, my technique is nothing new, they were using pastels, charcoals and oils hundreds of years ago. I can only take these technical ideas of mine and create the images that please me and hope that you enjoy them too.

Here are a few images that I enjoyed from the Met.
Degas pastel 1854 - 1917
Degas worked in pastel, charcoal, paint and sculpture

 Conte crayon drawing technique
 This is not a style in which I would work but the drapery  and the hands are just to beautiful not to study.

Detail of hands and drapery 
Turner, oil painting, abstraction of form through day light, evening light and/or fog is what draws me to his works 

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