Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Balance Of Green

Tomorrow, July 28th is World Nature Conservation Day. Everyday has its own special unofficial holiday. It is also Buffalo Soldiers Day. The last week in July is National Moth Week and the month of July observations are, to list a few: World Watercolor Month, Anti-Boredom Month, Cultral Arts and Independent Retailers. 

How do all of these things tie together and relate to green? To start off with World Nature Conservation, living green, trying to take care of our planet. Having green places to go, like our National Parks. #NPS

If you are bored, would like to see some watercolor in the form of mixed medium, take in some culture and support a local retailer. I have the place for you this weekend! 

Come over to #NOMA gallery, 437 N. Market St., #Frederick, #MD from 4-8 Saturday, July 30th and help us close the "#America Through #Artists Eyes" show.

I know I am being a bit over the top but it is the end of July. The year is over half way done. Summer is coming to a close as schools are about to start. Our show featured parks from around the country. Have you found your park yet? There is still time.

Grand Tetons Spring - watercolor and pastel
Acadia, watercolor, pastel and ink

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