Saturday, June 25, 2016

What's The Deal With Paper???

Paper - not sure when it all started. I remember drawing on any paper surface I could get my hands on, including school work which did get me in a bit of trouble. Apparently, some teachers like nice clean edges. Taking college classes and going to MD Inst., College of Art (MICA) for my BFA I discovered printmaking papers - Rives BFK became my favorite. This paper was used in drawing classes. The technique I use most often is a toned paper - BFK - with charcoal and or pastel. I love the light tooth of this paper.

Tooth - is the texture a paper has, the roughness, even though you may not see it or really feel it, it is there. BFK can file your finger nails down. I know, as I draw and my hand drags across the paper I have seen my nails file to an angle. This paper is mild in texture compared to the sanded papers many pastelist prefer. Sanded papers are like they sound, similar to sand paper but higher grade and usually made with acid free materials. Why acid free? If the papers have acid in them, they will turn yellow and brittle with time. Newsprint is a good example of paper fill with acid.

This is just the beginning of my mild obsession with paper. Many of you have attended my paper making workshops. I open up my studio once a year with recycled handmade paper. I use the papers to make little sketch books, journals, guess books. I have done pastels on them, oil paintings, watercolors and embedded photographs. It is a simple pleasure, a meditative way to recycle. The plan is to do it again in February 2017 in AZ. More to come on that later.

I did mention hot press vs. cold press watercolor papers earlier this week. Again, it come back to tooth and texture. Hot press is a smooth surface with low tooth and cold press has lots of texture, a bumpy type of surface.

Well, I think that is enough information on paper for one day. Yes, I could go on and on and on but I will spare you anymore techno babble about paper. Even if there is a support group out there to help with this addition, I am pretty sure I would have to pass. I just love working on the surface of paper.  

Oil paintings on paper surface mounted on canvas

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