Thursday, June 30, 2016


The week is almost over, it has been a busy and somewhat of a sensory overload. Yesterday was Day 3 for the pastel class, we did coffee stained papers, watercolor under-painting and watercolor crayons for backgrounds. They were drying the rest of the afternoon as the smell of coffee lingered in the air. While those papers will be used for Day 4, the rest of Day 3 my students tried velour paper. The overall opinion - not their favored paper, I must agree, I don't love it either.

This morning I was out the door early, my friend Carly who is teaching here at Common Ground and works at the near by Nature Center. She took me over to meet some of the rescued raptors they use to teach the importance of letting wild animals be wild. Many of these birds were hit by cars, some had been ill and can't return to the wild or other special issues.

While she held the birds I was able to take some photographs. It was a beautiful morning with the smell of honeysuckle in the air. The week is flying by, in-between the rain storms, hanging art shows, meeting old friends and making new ones. It has been a great week, the energy is always up during CG, finishing the day with concerts keeps that spirit alive.

Tomorrow is the closing of the show at Rice Gallery and the reception for the Students Show 6:30 -7:45 in both Studio Bldg and Peterson Hall. Bringing another week to a close. I am already looking forward to next year at CGOTH!

Lake Hashawha - raptor center

who doesn't enjoy a little head rub

Carly and America Kestrel

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