Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ready Or Not

Early Sunday morning, sitting quietly with my coffee. Woke up thinking, going over my check list of things going here and there. I actually have three lists: workshop, Rice Gallery and NOMA gallery. Those lists break down into sections: workshop materials for students, my demonstration set-up and my personal stuff. Gallery lists include: inventory, business cards, labels and of course art work. 

I think I am ready and if not, we will figure out a way around. The car is packed except for last minute food and water. Once the sun is up we will turn on our GPS and head out for just under five hour drive to hang the first show, set up classroom, transfer things to our living quarters for the week and head back to gallery for opening reception. After dinner,  orientations for instructors and students.That should just about call it a night. Except for music, this week there will always be music in the air.

Artist Talk: Monday 6:30-7:45 Peterson Bldg, McDaniel College, Westminster, MD - upstairs to gallery.

Here are a few images that will be at Rice Gallery. 

"Light as a" charcoal reductive technique

"Silence" reductive technique with pastel

"Within the Fibonacci 1" water based oil on panel starting with non-objective background, additive technique to develop realistic image.

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