Thursday, June 23, 2016

Playing In The Rain

I am doing my usual, checking my lists to see what I still need to finish before packing the car(s) up for art shows and workshop. I just added raincoat and umbrella. Hmm, just thought may be a good idea to have a few old towels for the classroom - on the list! Better to be prepared or at least try to be ready for rain storms during pastel workshops.

The challenges of playing in the rain, well first is make sure you are not running around when it is lighting. But, reality is getting pastels, paper, paintings, framed works in and out of the car without damage. Plus, for the workshop I stay on campus at McDaniel College were you bring everything you need, including bedding, towels, my little travel coffee maker and extra tee shirts. Teaching all afternoon tee shirts never stay clean. Doing Artists Talks in the evening, attending lectures and concerts, I end up changing a couple times a day, at least.

Paper and water, a tricky combination but we can make it work. Pastels work well with watercolors, on watercolor papers both hot and cold press (more on the difference in another blog). You can even put water directly on pastels but if you have a drip on a finished pastel it makes a whole different mark than one you may have intended. If water gets under the glass protecting the pastel, again, not good. Think I might add extra large plastic bags to my list. Done!

Okay, I have gone over the list and think I am in pretty good shape. As next week progresses we shall see how many thunder-boomers we need to run in and out of to hang shows and teach the workshop. Wish me luck!! Somewhere there should be rainbows.


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