Monday, June 20, 2016


I am at that stage of being overwhelmed with too many options. There are several things I could write about for today's blog. Trying to select what order to start, somehow I thought if I just started writing one topic would come to the forefront.

Okay, jumping in, my office/work space/studio-drawing room is overflowing with art work. These rooms are a mess, kind of, they just have limited room to walk around. The hall way is becoming the staging area. Our house in VA has two levels. You guessed it, the art is upstairs. I have figured out for the most part what is going to Common Ground on the Hill for the first gallery opening and workshop. I have more work than I need for NOMA gallery which gets hung second. Work left from that hanging will be considered for a show in the fall, that requires early submissions. Those are the shows, you just mark as hold until you find out if you get in and what works were accepted.

What it comes down to is packing art to come back east, unpacking to check for damage and determine what goes where. Than repack, label, and keep separate for each show. Okay, almost there, should be able to finish repacking/wrapping things up today. Will finish up a little more PR, fine tune my Artist Talk and workshop notes this week. Lots of little details to tie up, it is coming together and as always it will be done in time.

Hallway last week.
Hallway this week.

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