Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Next On The List

Sunday - show hung and reception at Rice gallery.
Monday - Pastel workshop day one starting with toned Rives BFK paper. As I do demonstrations I will take photos and post a step by step at the end of the session. Beginning with charcoal, kneaded eraser and charcoal pencils. 

The students started color toned paper before end of day. Special surprise in my class Marilu showed up to work on adding abstract backgrounds to her already wonderful scratchboard works.
Ended the day with Artists Talk at Rice Gallery. With another nice surprise a childhood friend came to the talk. It was a wonderful way to end my evening.

Tuesday - Day 2 for workshop, moving on to new papers today. This workshop is filled with lots of information and is very hands-on. After class I run over to NOMA gallery to hang the "America Through Artists Eyes" show. One more thing checked off the to-do list! 

This week is flying by and enjoying every moment, except for the rain storm right after class last night. But, all is well and things are moving along. 
Toned Rives BFK cotton rag paper with powered charcoal. Reductive technique using kneaded eraser.

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